Up in the Air (2009)

Up in the Air (2009)

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Genres: Drama,Romance
Director:Jason Reitman
Cast: George Clooney,Vera Farmiga,Anna Kendrick

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Jason Reitman is on his way to become one of the greatest film
directors of our time. Of an ostensibly young age, and with only three
films under his belt, he has already proved himself as a visionary
young director who refreshes the film industry and gives his movies the
necessary combination of electricity and art that appeals to both
mainstream audiences and art lovers. "Thank You for Smoking", his
directorial debut, was an astoundingly hilarious dark comedy with deep
and poignant reflections; "Juno" was a miracle comedy which
revolutionized the teen comedy genre and which found its way into every
household viewing experience. Now his latest film, "Up in the Air", is
yet another dose of genius, a dramedy that entertains as it ponders the
precarious balance between work and family, dealing with every scene a
jolting blow to our consciences and a permanent life lesson to be

The film introduces us to Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), a highly
successful man who lives for his one-of-a-kind job: firing people. He's
the best at a highbrow company where experts at firing people are hired
by other companies to do the dirty work for them. Ryan is forced to
fire countless people he's never met before, day after day, and he's
really good at remaining emotionless and calm through their reactions-
ranging from openly crying, to pleading for their family's well-being,
to violently throwing a fit, to threatening with suicide. And yet,
after each grueling meeting, he emerges with a smile, ready to take the
next plane wherever he's needed next.

Ryan is a happy man, happy in his loneliness. He's comfortable up in
the air, away from human connections, and thrives by earning wads of
money, living in airports and keeping safely distant relationships with
the few acquaintances he has. His friends are airport and store clerks
who greet him happily as their patron, his girlfriends are casual women
he meets at airport bars for a one-night stand, his family is the
company he works for. What amazes audiences about this Ryan character
is how coldly focused and intelligent he is- so much so that he
acknowledges his loneliness, recognizes how isolated he's becoming,
accepts the fact it may be detrimental to his well-being…and yet he
relishes it. He lives for a fast-paced life traveling and earning
frequent flyer miles.

One day, Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga) comes along; a sensual, intelligent,
successful woman he meets at an airport bar. Naturally, they hit it off
right away, but through time and through many meetings with her, he
begins to understand the sudden and unforeseen need for company. And
with the arrival of Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), a young girl with
fresh ideas and dating issues who challenges his working techniques and
whom he has to show the ropes around the 'firing people' business, he
begins to earn valuable life lessons and he begins to discover the deep
complexities of the human condition…and how they're a deliciously
bittersweet experience he can no longer live without.

Naturally, the film deals with highly complex topics, and they really
ARE complex. These are topics authors have devoted heavy volumes to,
and they've been thoroughly explored and cross-section in endless
psychology textbooks. In a two-hour film, and through a fascinatingly
original illustrative story, Jason Reitman has managed to probe into
the topics and wrench their guts out to be exposed to an awestruck
audience. The sheer force and poignant situations in the film are sure
to make the audience both gag with heartbreak and sigh after laughing.
Like another critic said, 'it's a searing and delicious slice of life',
and every second of the film rings with truth and comic drama that we
can all identify with. Clooney is down-to-earth and believable, the two
supporting actresses are a joy to watch; the extras hired to play the
fired employees have actually been fired at some point in their lives,
and they were asked to improvise their emotions based on past
experiences…so you can imagine the raw emotional power of their short

It's an effective story driven by its pitch-perfect screenplay and its
flawless performances. Notice how the drama and emotion happen by
themselves, as naturally and as realistically as a film can convey.
Rolfe Kent's score is quiet and creeps under the action to the point
where you KNOW the music has become part of the feeling and not an
enhancer; Eric Steelberg's cinematography deals no fantastic camera
shots or dramatic camera effects, but includes every detail of the
scene and makes us feel like actual witnesses of the action; it's us in
that room, and Ryan is firing us. Basically, we're forced to take in
the film as a whole and every technical aspect contributes to this
wonderfully-crafted story.

As with his previous films, Reitman pays close attention to every word
of the dialogue. It's fast-paced, witty, but every syllable down to
every pause is important and is rendered to perfection. This is surely
the best screenplay I've seen all year (adapted from the novel by
Walter Kirn). It's a film to meditate with, to reflect upon…but above
all, to bask in and to marvel at. And it's a hell of a good time too!
Rating: 4 stars out of 4!!

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